7 steps how to deal with failure in exams.

   Everyone has experienced failure. Many famous and successful people at some point in their life have failed at something, but they kept doing what they started. They understood that experience comes from failure.

When you find yourself in a situation like exam or test failure, your mind and body experience something that makes you feel unmotivated and disappointed. The feelings of shame and guilt make you ask yourself questions: Am I good enough? Can I do this again? Am I stupid and not intelligent? Why this happened to me? The negative thoughts about yourself and the fear of repeated failure will prevent you to keep on. You need to overcome your failure. Start thinking how you can motivate yourself to move on and start the studying process all over again. Try to follow these 
few steps and see how they can 

help you change your thinking and behavior.

1st Step: Accept the fact that you failed. Stop feeling pity for yourself. Try to understand that this failure doesn’t measure your intelligence. Believe that this experience will help you be better the next time.

2nd Step: Clear your head from negative thoughts. Go on a walk. Go out with your friends. Share your story with your closest friends. Ask them to share with you some experience from their lives when they faced failure and how they find motivation to keep on.

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3rd Step: Give time to yourself to think about your past successes. You can do this again and you can be successful if you believe in you and in your abilities. If you struggle with low self-esteem learn more how you can improve your confidence increasing your self-esteem. The confidence is really important thing when we talk about how we can be more successful.

4th Step: Take a sheet of paper. Write down the questions: Do I understand the material well enough? Do I need more time to study? Then, try to answer the questions and realize if you need to change something in your daily study routine.

5th Step: Think whats inhibiting you from passing your exams. Maybe you feel so much anxiety that you can’t think during the exam. Maybe you have problems with sleeping or focusing during the study period. If you notice those problems, try to learn more how you can control them.

6th Step: Think about the learning strategies you used in the past, which gave you success or find some new strategies which may help you this time. Also, research for more self- motivation techniques which may help you get back on the right track to success.

7th Step: Exercise and eat healthy. Keeping your brain and body healthy will help you concentrate and full with energy for studying. Make sure to get enough sleep.

     At the end, remind yourself that you are only a human. All of us make mistakes at one time or another. There is always something new to learn from our experiences. And please, never give up, because the only real failure is to give up.

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