8 really interesting psychology Twitter accounts to follow

   We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media services in the world. 

There you can read, tweet, retweet many interesting things on different topics. Do you want to use this media to learn something more about psychology or just to read some interesting and popular psychologist posts? Start to follow these psychology-related twitter accounts that anybody interested in psychology should be following. I follow them all. 🙂

1. Dr. Susan K. Whitbourne: Psychology professor, UMass

She is an accomplished author and blogger for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post. Whitbourne is an active Twitter user and linking machine. You will rarely catch Whitbourne tweeting less than twice per day and she is usually linking out to studies or articles on a wide-range of psychology.

2. Dr. Steve Maraboli: Motivational psychologist

He is a life-changing speaker, bestselling author and behavioral science academic. The majority of his timeline is filled with original tweets of his quotes or retweets of other accounts that are quoting him.

3. Richard Wiseman: Psychologist

He is a psychologist, author and magician. He reached more than 130,000 followers by being creative, funny, probing, and intelligent with his tweets. He scores major points for originality. He asks questions, takes photos of his travels, links to ridiculous viral videos on the Internet, adds commentary and opinion to other people’s tweets and mentions psychology articles or topics that he is interested in.

4. Dr. David Kantra: Clinical psychologist and PsychDigest author

He is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in individual, couples, and family psychotherapy, psychological testing, and business consultation. He also owns and operates PsychDigest.com. His Twitter feed features a lot of the articles that go on the site, but it is also full of clever quotes, catchphrases and sayings that are worth reading if you have the time. 

5. Jeremy Dean: Psychologist and author of PsyBlog

He is a psychologist and author of PsyBlog. The website is a scientific look at the mind and how it works and the content is a refreshing mix of stories on scientific studies from academic journals and more fun and light pieces on current events and trends in the field.

6. Jaclyn Hunt: Autism and special needs life coach

She is autism and special needs life coach. Her job is to assist and support people and families with special needs.
(https://twitter.com/asnlifecoach )

7. Christian Jarrett: Editor of BPS Research Digest

He is an English psychology writer, editor, and author. He links to articles using brief but informative explanations. He is quick to retweet something he finds interesting. The things he links to are usually worth reading, including if it is something written by him.


8. Dr. Deborah Serani: Psychologist, author, professor at Adelphi University


She is a psychologist, an author and a self-professed depression expert and knowing that people follow her for interesting information about depression, she chooses to stay on topic in all of her tweets, flooding folks with interesting stories and studies about depression.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter too. 🙂 
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