Inspirational story: Girl with multiple sclerosis becomes running star.

Kayla Montgomery is one of the top young distance runners in the U.S. She has been battling with multiple sclerosis (MS) since high school and it doesn’t make racing easy at all but she continues to do it.

She is truly an inspiration for us and a reminder that we should never give up.

The multiple sclerosis (MS) affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of symptoms including problems with muscle movement, balance and vision. Each nerve fiber in the brain and spinal cord is surrounded by a layer of protein called myelin, which protects the nerve and helps electrical signals from the brain travel to the rest of the body. In MS, the myelin becomes damaged.

MS is a disease in which disrupted nerve signals in her body cause her to experience complete numbness in her legs when she runs. Only when she stops to rest and her body temperature returns to normal do her MS symptoms subside. So, every time this brave and persistent girl crosses the finish line after running a race, she endures several minutes of extreme distress as she struggles to regain feeling in both her legs.

But this disease that she has, never stop her to live her drams. In the video below she says: “Running makes me feel normal, and whole. It’s difficult to live with a disease where your own body’s fighting against yourself; so when I’m running I feel like I’m battling that, I feel like I’m safe from myself. As long as I’m running, everything’s fine.”


kayla multiple sclerosis running star carried by coach

Trough her facebook page, Kayla is trying to raise people’s awareness for this Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease, because as she wrote in her page description that is the key for us to find a cure for this disease.This young girl amazed me. Don’t miss to watch her incredible life story of perseverance. She is truly an inspiring person. I am sure that this video will motivate you to make a step to achieve your goals. Never give up and fight courageously. You can be a winner in your life battle.

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kayla multiple sclerosis running star

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