Things you should remember about extroverts

Are you an introvert or extrovert person?

Maybe you are an extroverted person and you will find these points apply to you or maybe you are an introverted person and you have difficulties understanding your partner, friend or some family member who is an extrovert.

Please try to remember these 12 things about the extroverts you love.

They will help you understand them better and love them more.

1. Extroverts feel energized and inspired by people – If you give them a choice between spending time alone and spending time with other people, they probably will choose to spend time with a group.

2. They also need to spend some time alone – Yes, they recharge their batteries by being around other people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some alone time too. Let them be alone if they need to be.

3. They like to solve problems by discussing them – When they are facing some problem they prefer to discuss the issues and various options with others. That helps them explore the issue deeper and figure out which option might work the best.


4. They tend to get bored easily – They may have a short attention span and they usually need some external stimulus to keep their batteries charged. They tend to be more innovative as they seek out new experiences.

5. The extroverts know the limits of social media – Extroverts want to make real social contact and have a great time together.

6. They also value the friendship – Just because they have a lot of friends it doesn’t mean that they value any of those friendships less.


7. They are open and people find it easy to get to know them – Extroverts are typically very open and willing to share their thoughts and feelings.

8. Many extroverts are good at public speaking – But also many of them are not naturally skilled speakers. They can share the same fear of public speaking as the introverts.

9. They get embarrassed – Because extroverts tend to talk more than introverted people, they have a higher likelihood of saying something regrettable. Extroverts feel embarrassment just as intensely as anyone else.


10. They are often initiators – They love to take initiative and plunge into action.

11. They love variety. The best type of job for someone with mostly extroverted personality traits is something that changes often.

12. Extroverts are good listeners – Even though they are known like really talkative people.


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