How can we stop oversleeping?

     In my last post (negative effects of oversleeping) I wrote that next time I will write something about how you can stop oversleeping? So, today I will share with you a few steps on how you can eliminate this habit from your life.

   How to stop oversleeping?

Alarm clock - stop oversleeping   The first thing that we need to do is reset our body clock. Go to sleep at the same time every night and get up in the same time every morning. Practice this routine every day. It will take a while till your new behavior becomes automatic and you will stop oversleeping. Remember, there is no reason to get down on yourself if you try this for a week and it doesn’t become a habit. It’s supposed to take longer than that (maybe you will need more than 2 months to make this new habit). Making a mistake once or twice has no measurable impact on our long-term habits. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and develop strategies for getting back on track quickly. Second thing you need to do is tell yourself that you will wake up on time. We need to make a decision that we will stop oversleeping. 
    Also, we need to find a strong and good reason to get up on time every day. Find something that you would really like to do. Let that thing be the reason why you will wake up on time, or go earlier to bed. For example: You like to read before sleeping or write in your journal. Maybe you want to get fit for the summer. Early morning workouts could be a good reason to get up on time and a great way to start the day. Try not to forget that you could do many creative, exciting, constructive and interesting things instead of spending your time oversleeping.

One more thing that we should not do is overwork ourselves. When you are busy and tired, take a short break. The stress can be a cause of oversleeping. Learn how to manage your stress better and switch off from the day’s worries before bedtime.


A few more things that can also help you fight this battle and stop oversleeping are:

  • Take a cold shower when you get up or just splash cold water on your face.
  • Get a loud alarm clock and place it where you will have to get up to turn it off.
  • Try to reduce caffeine intake in day hours.
digital alarm clock - stop oversleeping

    At the end, you can be creative with your methods of waking up. Find the way to motivate yourself to go to sleep and wake up on time. Be strong and persistent in your decision. If you really want, you can control this and you can have a better sleep routine.
I hope that these few things will help you change your sleep routine for your own good. 


    Since I too am struggling with this problem, I promise, that I will try and follow this few things that I wrote for you, and I’m making a decision right now stop oversleeping.

P.S: If you think that these tips can’t help you deal with your problem, ask your doctor for more information and help, because you deserve a better life.

What are your habits that help you stop oversleeping? Share them with us in the comments bellow!

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