7- DAYS – love yourself challenge!

Sometimes is easier to love others, then yourself. Maybe you don’t have a problem to be good to others, but it’s hard for you to be good to yourself. Why? What makes you so self-critical?

Try this 7 – DAYS – love yourself challenge and see how good it feels to appreciate yourself.

Day #1 – Inspire yourself.

love yourselfRead something more about how you can start to love yourself. Find and read some self-help books. Search for inspiring quotes on Google, Pinterest or our Facebook page – Mental and Body Care 🙂

Day #2 – Make “I love my self” list.

Take a sheet of paper. Think 5 minutes about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Then write down a list of 5 positive things you love about yourself and 2 negative things you would like to change in the next 3 months. Put this list somewhere you will see it so you will be reminded.

Day #3 – Give yourself a pat on the back for something you accomplished.

A great way to spot and be reminded when you have accomplished something is by making a to-do list. If you have one and you have marked something off of it, make sure to reward yourself.

Day #4 – Figure out your love language.

Take the Love Language test and find what your love language is. After that, in according with the test, write down what you love and what gesture means to you the most. Tell your friends and family what your love language is, so in the future they would know what makes you happy and satisfied.

Day #5 – Forgive yourself.

Everyone of us has made a mistake in the past. Make sure to learn from them and go forward. Take this day to remember all those not so good memories and forgive yourself about all the mistakes. Say them out loud and try not to judge yourself about them. You can also write them down on a piece of paper and burn it (don’t set your house on fire 🙂 )

love yourselfDay #6 – Perform an activity that makes you happy.

For example, take a long walk, exercise, read your favorite book again, watch your favorite TV show, cook a healthy dinner for yourself. During the activity be a 100 % present and remember that you are doing it for yourself.

Day #7 – Reflect on what you did and how it made you feel.

On this last day of the challenge, reflect and think how you felt this past week. Note down which things you would like to continue doing in the future. You can also repeat this challenge, as many times as you like as long as it’s making YOU feel good.

By doing this 7 – DAY – love yourself challenge you will feel happier and that happiness will reflect on those around you too and they will be thankful for it.

A happy person is a healthy person.

If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love the others. Don’t forget to do nice things for them too, but don’t become a people pleaser because that will just tire and drain you.

And remember, don’t just be good to others, but be good to yourself too!

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