22 daily & positive habits that happy people tend to follow.

We all want to be happy and surrounded by happy people, because they spread positive energy that makes you feel good in their presence. They are like a mirror- they reflect their happiness everywhere.

Happy people have many things in common. Barbara Sher says: “ They know exactly what they want and they feel they are moving toward getting it.” That’s what makes their life feel good – when it has directions and when they are heading straight for what they love. It’s not always easy for them to stay happy, but they choose to be.

They tent to follow a certain set of habits that create happiness in their lives.

This is a list with 22 daily & positive habits that happy people tend to follow:


1. …express their feelings.

2. …express gratitude for what they have.

3. …live in the present.

4. …appreciate simple pleasures.

5. …discover and use their strengths.

6. …are friends with themselves.

7. …treat everyone with kindness.

8. …make the best out of everything.

9. …surrounded themselves with happy people.

10. …they have learned how to say “no”.

11. …dream big.

12. …love themselves (take the 7 -DAYS love yourself challenge now).

13. …don’t compare themselves to others.

14. …have high self-esteem.

15. …devote some of their time to giving.

16. …look on the bright side.

17. …accept what cannot be changed.

18. …regard their problems like challenges.

19. …eat well & care about their health.

20. …exercise.

21. …smile & laugh.

22. …sleep well.

happy people

So, what habit would you add to this list of habits of happy people?

All of you can also learn how to be happy.

Maybe you just need to apply some of these habits in your lives and there will be a good chance that you will be happy too!

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