How to give a compliment?

We all love to receive a nice compliment, especially if that compliment comes from our loved ones. Compliments encourage others who are struggling.  They strengthen our relationships with the people around us. Don’t be afraid to give a compliment.

But, to give a compliment is not the easiest thing to do. Someone might take your compliment the wrong way, if you don’t say it right.

How to give a compliment?

1. Start recognizing the opportunities to give a compliment.

Pay attention when you talk with someone. Focus on and notice the good qualities in that person. Be fully present when you are interacting with others and you’ll easily find lots of things to compliment them on.

2. Compliment the small staff.

People don’t deserve your compliment only when they accomplished something big in their life. If it’s something really obvious, they’ve probably been complimented on it plenty of times before. So offer your admiration for the small stuff. But, first find something you genuinely like about the person. It’s easy enough to pick the first thing you notice about someone and compliment it. You could say “I like your shirt” or “Nice hair” to just about anyone, but a good compliment goes deeper. Take a moment and think about what you really admire about the person before you say anything.

Compliment People. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses - give a compliment3. Give a compliment about something that is specific for that person. 

The more specific you can get the better. Specificity conveys sincerity. When you’re specific with your compliment, it shows that you’re really paying attention to the person.

4. Be honest.

Compliments that you don’t really mean won’t win you any points; in fact, they’ll have the opposite effect. If a person knows you’re lying, that will erode their trust in you and de-value your future compliments. Your honesty will also prevent you from offering compliments too often – another practice that makes your praise seems phony.

5. Compliment someone in front of others.

A public compliment has extra weight because it shows the recipient that you’re proud of them and you’re not afraid to reveal your admiration to others. Be ready to also receive back a compliment, even in public. We’ve got a few tips on how to gracefully receive a compliment in this post: How to take a compliment

6. Don’t give the same compliment to everyone around you.

If you tell most people you see “I like your smile” or something similar, the end result will be that the people you compliment won’t feel very special. Complimenting people on their specific positive attributes goes a lot further. If you find yourself giving the same shallow compliments a lot, pause and think a little longer before speaking next time. Come up with something genuine to say, or don’t say anything at all.

7. Pay attention on your voice tone.

Do your best and try to say it like you really mean it, not in a weird tone that could be taken the wrong way. Well said compliments leave no room for misunderstandings. Maybe this sounds to you pretty simple, but many times compliments carry hidden meanings. That’s why we need to be aware of our voice tone when we give a compliment. For example, if you sound sarcastic, that person might think you are making fun of them. Sometimes your compliment can sound like you are jealous of that person you are complimenting.  So, try to pay attention when you are giving a compliment to sound like you really mean what you are saying.

Two people talking and give a compliment8. Make eye contact before you give a compliment.

This can really help you show others that you mean what you say. This form of nonverbal communication helps people understand each other better. If you don’t look people in the eyes, you’ll appear to be less sincere than if you make eye contact while you’re talking.

9. Give a compliment with a smile, but don’t laugh.

It’s always a nice idea to give a compliment with a smile, though you can also deliver it with a serious and sincere expression. But, if you laugh while you’re complimenting someone, they might not know whether you’re serious. So, smile, but don’t laugh.

I can live for two months on a good compliment - Mark Twain quote give a compliment10. Don’t wait too long to share your compliment.

If you notice something to compliment someone about, do it as soon as you can. If you wait too long, you’ll likely forget or you will miss the opportunity to make someone’s day beautiful and brighter.

Compliments are little gifts of love.

With your compliments you are telling others that they are worthy of notice. Compliments are powerful gifts.

Go and share that gift with someone today!

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