Inside Out:  An Amazing Story About The Emotions

Have you see the latest Pixar movie “Inside Out”? It’s a really great movie about one of the most popular psychology topics – emotions.

Warning: If you haven’t seen it jet, there are some spoilers of the movie ahead.

The movie is about an 11-year-old girl, Riley, from Minnesota, who moves to San Francisco with her parents. It’s really interesting that the leading characters of the movie are not Riley and her family, but Riley’s primary emotions – Happiness (Joy), Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust

.emotions - Inside Out


Inside Out takes you into the mind of this 11-year-old girl who struggles with having to move to a different city,  away from her friends, away from her hobby – hockey league. She has a hard time pretending to be happy for her parents.

Inside Out is not only an interesting and fun movie, but also a powerful visual explanation about the popular psychology topic: “Eckman’s theory about emotions”.

This movie demonstrates some important psychological principles. The 5 emotions used in Inside Out are 5 of the 6 scientifically validated universal emotions (the 6th is surprise).

Psychologist and scientist, Paul Eckman is most known for his work with universal emotions. He traveled around the world and found that these were present in every culture. They were presented in the same way, with the same facial expressions everywhere. Eckman’s work has been used for psychology research, as well as for the US government. It even inspired the popular television series, ‘Lie to Me’.

Watch this great video which explain the main idea of Inside Out and some important facts about Eckman’s theory and our emotions on a higher level. It’s worth watching!



We highly recommend this movie!

How would you rank this Pixar movie? We love to hear your opinions!

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