Grow a beard the right way

Man growing a beard and grooming his mustaches Do you want to start growing your beard, but you are wondering how to grow it correctly, or don’t know how to start? Actually, it’s very simple. Stop shaving your beard immediately and let it grow. That’s it! It’s that easy, you are now on the right path to look and become manlier. Of course growing a beard has it’s responsibilities and ways that you have to treat it right. We are here to help you do it the right way with these few simple tips that you can easily follow.

(Want to grow only a mustache instead, we have you covered: Grow a mustache in style)



As many of you know, genes play a key roll in facial hair growth. But they are not the only ones responsible for it, testosterone, especially in your teen years can also determine how much beard you will grow. Testosterone is a hormone involved in a lot of processes in our bodies so playing with it is not a very good idea because it can affect your body in unpredictable ways.
While high testosterone levels will boost your beard growth it can lead to acne and hair loss. Have in mind that testosterone levels change with age so it can have a great effect on your ability to grow a beard.

While changing your genes is out of the question, luckily testosterone production can be increased through some manly living. It is important to remember that testosterone levels peak around 48 hours after lifting weights. Studies have shown the harder you train the more you are going to produce, but don’t overtrain yourself – it can lead to injury.

Besides weight training, your diet and stress are important factors to have in mind. This means throw away that fast food and sugary drinks and start living healthier, also maybe go and get a massage once in a while – to help you relax.


As everything else, the beard too needs some nutrients love. If you want your beard to grow faster and healthier, you are going to need to provide it with the right nutrients. There are many vitamins and minerals that lead to a better and faster facial hair production, so as we said, get your diet in check. We recommend that you include some lean meat, eggs, fish and possibly some nuts to boost that growth potential. Think of vitamin E and the long list of B vitamins, which are found in most meats, diary and leafy greens. If you think you are not getting enough vitamins through your diet, it wouldn’t hurt to get a multivitamin supplement (consult your doctor first)


Man itching his beard while trying to grow a beardYou have now started to grow your beard, perhaps only for Movember / No-Shave November (if you are, please read the linked post on it’s true meaning and share the message) , but you are a few days in and you are dying to shave it. The itch is becoming intolerable and you can’t stop scratching?!

Chances are you will experience this in the early stage of growing a beard, but it’s only temporary. There are a couple of steps you can take to relieve the itch. In these first weeks you’ll want to take extra care of your face and beard to keep it clean. Use a mild soap and avoid strong shampoos meant for your hair, the skin and hair follicles on your scalp are different than those on your face.
Also make sure to keep your face moisturized with some facial moisturizer. Always apply it after a face wash.

These are some simple steps you can take to show love to your beard and it will soon return the love you gave it.

Good luck on growing your beard and becoming manlier!

If you are not in to growing a full beard, but want to experiment with your mustaches, or support the Movember Movement, one of our next posts will be on how to care for your mustaches and the different styles you can chose.

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