Six types of fitness motivation that can help you

Like human beings, we all get motivated in a different way. Psychologists say that there are 6 types of fitness motivation.

If you want to reach your fitness goal you should find which type of motivation is the best for you.

While you are reading this article you might discover that you are driven by multiple types of motivation. That is great, because it means that you can use different techniques to motivate yourself to accomplish your fitness goals.

1. Achievement driven fitness motivation

People who are motivated by their accomplishments are focusеd on improving their skills and abilities. They want to prove their competence in front of themselves and others.

This can be manifested through their desire for a personal sense of achievement or through their expectation of positive feedback from the environment.

If this is your type of fitness motivation, set your goals in the context of achievement. Follow your body weight, muscle mass, your strength and so on.

As soon as you set your goals, regularly make photographs or other types of notes that will show you exactly how you change in time, which will motivate you to make progress even more.

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2. Personal development

The desire for personal change and self – development can be a great motivator. Changes in your lifestyle will bring changes in your health and appearance. You will discover a completely new identity in yourself.

Here we mention two techniques that will help you build this type of fitness motivation to reach your goal.

One technique is to start identifying yourself with the person you want to become. Every day you will become more and more like the person you want to be.

Another technique that can help you is to start looking at your workout time as time for yourself, uninterrupted from your environment.

fitness motivation3. Motivated by strength and power

If your fitness motivation is coming by the sense of power and strength, it means that you want to have control over your life. In this case, you need to divide your goal into smaller and easily achievable goals.

For example, if you want to lose 10 kilograms of your weight, set weekly and monthly goals to increase the repetitions of your exercises and increase the intensity of cardio exercises.

Rather than exercising every day, set a more realistic weekly goal, for example, to exercise three times during the week. If you follow this, you will often feel like a winner and it will motivate you to move on.

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4. Social motivation

The affirmation from the people around us can be a very effective motivation technique, because our basic need for belonging is common for all of us.

Those who are searching for social motivation take their strength from other people’s affirmations, but they also want to use their own success to inspire others to achieve their goals.

If you find yourself in this group, your fitness motivation can come from a friend which whom you exercise with, or a coach who will always put a new goal in front of you and will encourage you to keep on.

Also, in this era of technology it is easier than ever to share your goals and achievements with many people through the social media.

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5. Fear of consequences

Some people are motivated by fear, from the consequences, if they don’t realize their goals. This type of fitness motivation can be effective, but it is also a little bit extreme.

But, if it works good for you, use it to stay motivated to exercise. One thing you can do is to sign up for a contest or post your fitness goals on social networks. The fear of public failure and disappointing the people who support you will encourage you to stay focused on your goal.

Another thing that can help you is exercising with a personal coach. The fear of disappointing them if you don’t achieve your goals can help you stay motivated.

6. Rewards

This kind of fitness motivation works for almost everyone. The idea that achieving your fitness goal will bring you a reward, can make your workout much more exciting and fun. Think about the things that make you happy. It can be a nice trip, or a new piece of fitness equipment or clothing.

Plan and after each completed training goal, go on that trip, or treat yourself with that new piece of clothing. A reward can also be a dinner party where you will not worry about the calories and nutrients.

But don’t do this more than once a month, because you can disrupt the progress you have been working on for so long.

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Bonus fitness motivation techniques:

  • Listen to your favorite music while you are exercising – it will give you an additional strength and motivation.
  • Sleep well – the lack of quality sleep will make you eat more to compensate for the energy you are missing.
  • Be patient – consistency is the most important thing in fitness. You need to promise yourself that you will stick to your fitness program at least 3-4 months before making a conclusion on how you progress.
  • Don’t try to make a lot of extreme changes at once – choose to work on one new healthy habit during the week.

Which type of fitness motivation drives you the most? Share your goals and motivations with us in the comments bellow.

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