Grow a mustache in style

If you want to grow a mustache to change your style or simply participate in the Movember movement, but don’t know how to deal and style it, you have come to the right place.

First things first, in order to grow a mustache you need to let it grow(yeah we know it’s a no-brainer) and see how it looks to get a general idea on how to style and mold it. Let it grow out for at least 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your beard grows.

After the initial period has passed and you have survived the awkward “growing a mustache” phase, it’s time to seriously consider what look you’ll be going for. (Have a look through our mustache gallery to get some ideas). Print your idea and have it near by, don’t take your laptop or tablet to the sink, we don’t want to destroy them in the process.

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools ready:
– Mirror
– Scissors (hairdresser’s scissors work wonders)
– Small comb
– Beard/mustache wax

Grow a mustache and maintain it

For those new to this style, when you grow a mustache you will quickly realize that frequent grooming is a must. Food and drinks, nearly anything to be truthful, that gets near your face will get caught in there and it can get quite messy quite fast. It’s easy to wash it during your daily shower, so just use a mild soap/baby shampoo and some conditioner to smooth it out.
Before you do any trimming, make sure to let it dry and fall back to its normal shape and form. Wet hair can trick you as it hangs lower and can lead you to trim it shorter than desired, it is a common mistake people make when they try to grow a mustache.
For the finishing touches, get your ‘stache comb and wax and remember, a little bit goes a long way. Work the wax from the center of your mustache toward the tips and you are done!

Still choosing a style? Here are a few mustache ideas:


Cary Grant - grow a mustache, the pencil

The Pencil

This style looks exactly like it sounds: it’s thin as if drawn by a pencil above the lip. It’s a very famous and old Hollywood style, the likes of Cary Grant have rocked. Lately it has been making a comeback across the globe. Be careful if you are choosing this style, not many can pull if off with such grace. It is important to always keep it neatly, evenly trimmed and short. Be very mindful of how much gap you will leave between the nose and mustaches and also how much gap, if you make any, between the left and right side. This style is suited to those that have a darker colored ‘stache. If your mustache hair is too thin and light, we advise you to skip this style and chose another, more suited to you.

The Chevron

This manly moustache style can be very hard to pull off because it requires you to have the right genes to grow a very thick moustache. This style was popularized by the movie Magnum PI., hence the nickname “The Magnum”. Freddie Mercury, from Queen, also had a big part in making this a very famous style. It consists of a wide mustache that covers the full upper lip, from end to end and shaving the hairs that form above the mustache into a slightly inverted ‘V’-shape or, as the name implies, a chevron. This simple style requires little maintenance and wears rather well without the need for precision trimming, allowing for a more rugged, bushy appearance.

Freddie Mercury starring the chevron mustache - grow a mustache

The Handlebar

The handlebar grows down, but relies more on length of the upper lip, than hair growing below the mouth. This means NO trimming. The real style arrives from parting the mustache in the center, combing it outwards and applying wax while twisting the hair upwards and inwards to create that classic curl on those longer tendrils. This style really shows your commitment to facial fauna, so take it seriously, keep it maintained and you will most certainly be a sight to behold!

Grow a mustache - the handlebar

The Hungarian

Imagine the Handle Bar mustache on steroids. Got it? Yep, that’s the Hungarian.
The mustache of all mustaches, we’re talking some serious facial strutting here. This mustache requires volume. A lot of volume. This means months of patient growing, but trust us – it makes a statement worth the investment. Dating back to European warriors, this style commands respect, or at the very least envy, from your ‘stached bretheren. You can use full artistic freedom and style it to the next level, or keep it full and in its classic shape. The way you style it, the length or extension of the ends is up to the grower.

the hungarian - grow a mustache


We hope we helped you chose your style.


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