VIDEO: Kids choose a gift for themselves OR their parents!

This really interesting experiment will warm and touch your heart.

In “The Other Christmas Gift” created by the agency Rob Bliss Creative for UP – TV, five kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta — all from low-income families — are asked to name their ideal holiday gift. Their responses are predictable kid answers: a computer, an Xbox, a toy truck.

  • On day 1, the kids were asked what they wanted for Christmas and/or what a member of their family would want.
  • On day 2, the shopping happened.
  • On day 3, the presents were revealed and the decisions were made.  *The kids’ parents weren’t present when the kids chose the gift(s).

These kids were faced with a though choice: Will they give up the surprise Christmas gift they wanted so a member of their family can receive one instead? Will they take home the gift they picked or the gift they think their parents might want for Christmas?

Their choice would surprise you.


Also Bliss said that 18 kids participated in the “gift reveal” scenario, who were chosen from an initial group of 35 after preliminary interviews. Out of these 18, “80% or more” chose the family gift, which means around 20% did not.

“All kids went home with both gifts no matter their decision” Bliss told Mashable.

Do you agree that it’s always better to give than to receive. If these kids can give up from what they want for Christmas, so can we?

Be kind and generous this Christmas season. Choose to make someone happy. Give.

Please fell free to share your thoughts and opinion with us in the comments bellow. Thank you!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

(Yes we are not afraid to say “Merry Christmas”)


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