7 things that you need to know about INSOMNIA

Many people don’t have problem with sleeping. They don’t have difficulties with insomnia or oversleeping. Sleeping is something that they do and they don’t speak or think too much about it. Other people also don’t have a problem with sleeping, but they do with “sleeping enough”.

insomniaBecause we know how much sleeping is important for our physical and mental health, here are 7 things that you need to know if you believe that you have serious sleeping problems.

1. Try to stay awake longer, to wake up earlier and go to sleep when you are tired enough.

See how many hours are enough for your body to rest and be ready for another day. Don’t trust information like “the average man needs 8 hours of sleep”. We are all different, and our bodies have different needs. You must learn how to listen to your body!

2.  If you get up earlier then you need to get up, don’t lay in your bed thinking that you can fall asleep again. Get up and do something useful.

For example, you can make a tea or coffee for yourself. Don’t count the hours that you spend sleeping, comparing them with the “magical” number of hours that you are supposed to be sleeping. That is only a torture for your mind.

3. If you are in a situation that you must go to sleep and you have sleeping problems, you can do this technique:

Focus on your breathing. Follow how your breathe in and breathe out. Follow which parts of your body are moving while you are breathing. Breathe in, breathe out.

Then, focus on your forehead. It is tight or relaxed? Keep breathing deep. Then focus on your eyelids. Are they relaxed and calm or are they trembling? Continue doing this by also focusing on your nose, mouth, ears, your arms, legs…

If you are a little bit tired maybe you won’t get that far and instead fall asleep.

4. Ask yourself: What I get from my “suffering with insomnia”? If you have difficulties with answering this question, put yourself in a place of your closest family members and let them tell you how they experience your insomnia. Maybe you will be surprised by their answers. Also, it can be useful if you ask yourself honestly what lies behind your story about insomnia, because, don’t forget to turn off your computer and actually go to bed.

5. Don’t worry! You are part of a small group of people, people like Einstein, Tesla and Edison who didn’t need 7-8 hours of sleep. Think about how many things you can do if you spend that extra time wisely.

6. We hope that you aren’t thinking about taking some medications for sleeping. They will not solve your “problem”, plus they can also cause some other problems for you.

7. If you think that your insomnia is really serious, you can ask for professional help. You can also read something more about the basic facts of insomnia here.

insomniaWhen we talk about insomnia, we can also write something about drowsiness.

Drowsy people are those who need only a moment to fall asleep and they use this moment like shelter from their life.

If you are one of them you can ask yourself these two simple questions: What is happening in this moment? What I want from myself? Then, when you learn what you are running from, see what your possibilities are and what you can do, maybe it will be easier for you to get some proper sleep again. It’s your choice. You are responsible for yourself.

Other people sometimes have problems getting out of their beds, but when they get up, they are immediately ready to start doing some activities.  They don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to get up from their beds.

Maybe drowsiness is part of your life because you don’t sleep enough. But the reason for your drowsiness can be something else that is related with some other things in your life.

These questions will help you to understand yourself better:

  • What is happening right now? What I feel, what I think? What am I doing?
  • What I wish for myself in this moment?

If you are struggling with insomnia, drowsiness or oversleeping please ask for help. You can also read some interesting information in our post  How you can stop oversleeping? 

We believe in you and YOU deserve to have good nights and a healthy life!




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