Young fashion designers raise the awareness of mental health.

” It’s okey to not be okey. “

   Many people love to wear a t-shirts with quotes and sayings. They identify themselves with the messages that are written on their t-shirts.
I love graphic t-shirts too, especially those with inspirational and encouraging quotes

A few days ago I found a really interesting website for a clothing company. The name of that company is Wear Your Label. This company has an interesting goal and vision. They are creating a conversation about mental health through fashion.

The co-founders of this company are Kyle MacNevin (22) and Kayley Reed (21). The young designer lives with generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD, and his cofounder, Kayley Reed, is recovering from anorexia. They created this line of clothes as a way to give a platform to their own experiences with mental illness.

” Self-care isn’t selfish “

They started a beautiful journey. “A year ago, we were just two students in university living with mental illness. Stigma kept us from getting better, and reaching out. It wasn’t until we began talking about our experiences that we realized the need to create more conversations. As two fashion lovers, we knew the power that clothing could have to spark these conversations. Fast forward, and Wear Your Label is a budding start-up that has positively impacted individuals all across the world to take ownership over their mental health, and wear their label. “- they said.

They are doing this in hope to create something that will bring a community together around the issue of mental health, which is so important to every person on the planet but is so often invisible. 


“We want our clothing to make you feel like a superhero, world champion, and international advocate for change all in one. The tags are on the bottom of every shirt that we make, so if you’re going through a struggle, you can just flip your tag over and practice the techniques.” MacNevin said. The garments’ tags, written by a psychologist, advise self-care along with washing instructions.
T-shirtThe graphics range from bold statements like “I live with mental illness but it does not define me”, to more discreet options, such as the brand’s logo or a small heart emblem.

“We understand that not everyone’s on the same page when it comes to talking about their mental health.” MacNevin said. They plan to move into more professional items, like a heart-covered dress shirt, 
blazers with messages on the inseam, and ties and dress socks with their logo, so customers can wear items that make them feel comfortable inside and out, at home or at work.

” Stressed but well dressed “
I really love their projects and the whole work that they do. These people know what it means to have problems with your own mental health. They are sending an amazing message to the others who struggle with some mental illness that they are supported and not alone. I hope that one day I would be able to buy something from their beautiful collection for myself and encourage and support others. 

I am sending my whole support and love to them and I hope their beautiful vision reaches the whole world. Best of luck guys! 🙂

You can also support them by ordering a shirt, here 🙂

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Photo credits: Wear your label/Facebook

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