6 characteristics of a romantic and healthy relationship

Many of us have been or are in a relationship and from time to time we need some relationship advice. We decided, instead of giving you relationship advice or relationship tips that can only help you in certain situations, to give you some clear pointers of what healthy relationships look like.

healthy relationshipWhich relationships are healthy relationships?

Every romantic relationship has several essential characteristics that make it a long – term healthy relationship. So here is our list of some of the most important characteristics, which in our opinion describe any healthy romantic relationship.

1. Honest and open communication.

In a healthy relationship, if one of the partners is bothered by something, they should openly talk with their partner about it, instead of holding it in.

There are way that you can improve your communication skills. We have to posts focusing on that:

2. Respect and patience.

Mutual respect is essential for a healthy relationship. The partners should listen to one another. They should value each other’s opinions, wishes and feelings and listen to their partner patiently in a nonjudgmental manner.

3. Compromise. 

Disagreements are a normal thing in healthy relationships. The partners need to find a way to make a compromise if they disagree on something. They have to try and solve conflicts in a fair and rational way.

4. Trust and support.

The partners have to offer reassurance and encouragement to each other. They need to support each other’s goals in life and let their partner know when they need their support.

In healthy relationships the partners should build each other up, not put each other down. This is one of the most important relationship tips that many people do not follow.

healthy relationship

5. Privacy

The partners in a healthy relationship should respect each other’s privacy. Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be together or demand to know what your partner is doing at all times. Healthy relationships require space and as we said, trust.

6. Love

And finally, nothing can last long enough without love. True and deep love is a base of every long-term and healthy relationship. It should be a source from where every other important thing for our relationships comes from.
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If you fully understand these characteristics and start to practice them in your relationship, you are on a good way to build a healthy relationship and strengthen the ones you have. Good luck!

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