How to improve your communication skills in your relationship?

yelling at each other - improve your communication skills Before we get in to the matter, we would like to say that, surprisingly, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship goes through struggles and problems, but only strong relationships get through it. One of the keys for a healthy and strong relationship is good communication between the partners. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, one day your relationship will come to an end. Because communication is such a crucial part of every relationship here are a few tips to help you to improve your communication skills and better your relationship.

Improve your communication skills by following these 6 tips:

#1. Stop and be a good listener.

Sometimes this can be the hardest thing that you ever have to do, especially when you are angry, in the middle of some serious discussion and when you feel like you just have to correct your partner. In that moment, try to keep calm and be a good listener.

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Don’t jump in and interrupt your partner right in the middle of the sentence. Listen with the intent to understand them, not with the intent to just reply. When your partner finishes talking, you can rephrase what your partner said to you. This will help you avoid some misunderstandings like: “What were they thinking when they said that?“.

#2. Put down the passive aggressive behavior.

Your relationship is not a game. No winners, no losers. If you want to have more efficient communications, you need to communicate more directly with your partner.

#3. Find the right time and talk face to face.

If you want to speak about something serious with your partner, make sure you pick the right time to talk. Tell your partner that you would like to speak with them and find a time when you aren’t doing anything important. Don’t start the conversation in public places. Also, try to avoid talking about serious conversations online, text messages or letters (e-mails). They can be misinterpreted. If you are doing this in your relationship, you must stop now. In order to improve your communication skills, you need to learn and practice more “face to face” talks.

#4. Be honest.

Sometimes the truth can hurt, but honesty is the key for а healthy relationship. Speak honestly, but with love, not with anger. Choose good and kind words, which can help your partner understand how you feel or what you are think. Be open with your partner and don’t hide your emotions. Remember that your partner can’t read your mind. Start talking things you may have never talked about with another person before. This will bring you closer to your partner and will make your relationship stronger.

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#5. Pay attention to your body language.

The body language is a strong nonverbal communication. If you want to improve your communication skills , you need to learn how to read these nonverbal signals. Also, be aware of your own body signals. Be sure that you make eye contact when you are speaking with them. Don’t take a phone call, text or play a video game when you’re talking. Let them know that you care. Listen and respond.

#6. Don’t forget to appreciate each other.

If you want to keep up a healthy communication, you and your partner need to remember to compliment each other and tell each other what you love about them. Find a way to enjoy each other’s company and get used to talking to each other in a positive way. This will make it easier for you to communicate when an argument rises.

Communication is really important if we want to have a healthy and strong relationships. Constantly improving our communication skills can help with that.

Do you know some other tips for improving your communication skills with your partner? Be free to share your thoughts with me.


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