People say what love is on Valentine’s day

Today, we live in society where you can talk, write and sing free about love. Most of the popular songs are written about love. All of you read books, poems, novels, watch movies and TV shows about this major human emotion – LOVE.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or married, you have a need for love and you are searching for it every day. Yes, that’s the way it is, because as human beings we are created to love and be loved.

Sometimes we have a distorted perception of what love actually is. Also, we have false expectations from our partners, friends and family how they should show their love to us. Most expectations are created under the influence of everything that we read, hear, see and experience every day. Then, our beliefs about love define our behavior and the way how we express our love for the people around us.

For this Valentine’s Day we asked a few friends to write us an answer on one of the most asked questions “What is love?”.  Their thoughts about love are interesting, meaningful and inspiring. In their answers you can find some good relationship advice too.

What is love?

love is1. “Love is not about feeling butterflies in your stomach, but to feel calm in the arms of your loved one. Advice: Never hide from one another what is going on in your lives, whether they are good or bad things. If you feel you can’t trust your partner, you’re not with the right person. ” – Christy

2. “To love someone is to want actively that person’s permanent happiness and good. It is worth notice that that implies wanting the real thing, not the appearance or distant notion of it; and thinking long-term implies working on yourself to maximize your contribution to what you want about the other person.” -Sam

3. “I used to thing love was easy, but actually love is hard work. Hard cause you need to cast aside all you selfishness, self-centeredness, to love the idea of serving your partner and be supportive and not being judgmental and not looking for your own happiness first, but by seeing the other person happy of what you’re doing for them, you are being happy too! If you think all that is easy to do, than love is easy!”– Eva

4. “Many people think of love as a feeling, but if I could define love with one word I’d say that love is a condition. The most weird and yet most amazing experience of my life, a never ending adventure that excites my spirit more and more each day. It literally scratches my deepest self, enabling me to ever imagine my life without it. Feelings just come and go, but this condition attaches to your soul like a magnet, and slowly becoming your second self. That’s love for me. My only piece of advice is once you find it – stick to it! Not everyone gets to experience love, so take good care of it. Water it daily with trust, understanding, caring and respect, and it will bloom in the most beautiful way. “– Mona

5. “Real and true love doesn’t just happen. It is built, nourished and developed over time. Real love is something that two people, man and a woman, put together, like a puzzle. They both build the bigger picture each with their own small pieces. Real love is a bond that grows stronger each passing day, a relationship that binds ones friendship in to something more intimate and in to something more stronger and powerful.” – Phil

love is6. “Love is an action, not only emotion. Love is a decision. Love is a free gift and can’t be earned or sold. Love is patient and kind, it is not intolerant and arrogant. Love is not egoistic. Love is unconditional and emphatic. If you really love someone, you will give the best of you to show that you care.” – Ana

7. “Love is one of the most wonderful feelings that someone can experience“ – Cristine

8. “Love is something beautiful…Love is humble, respectful and full with understanding. Always have respect, understanding and grace for your partner. Everyday love them more. Think first about your partner and then about yourself. Just don’t be selfish. Laugh together. Sometimes take time to think about the most beautiful moments that you spent together….” – Angy

9. “Love is when his smile warm your heart. Love is “I love you”, “I need you”, “I can’t without you”. Kiss your partner for a good night. Tell them “I love you” for a good morning. Sometimes the small things can mean a lot.” – Nina

10. “Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.” – Mark

At the end, love gives meaning to our existence.

Mark Twain said: “To get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

To love someone and be loved it’s a joy and privilege. It’s a fire that feeds our life. If you want to experience the full happiness of this life, you need to find somebody to divide your true love with.

Thanks to all our fiends who helped us to create this Valentine’s post.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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