5 Tips To Avoid Dry Skin During This Winter


Every year, the winter season brings many beautiful, memorable and pleasurable experiences for your mind and heart, but also the cold winter weather brings dryness to your skin, especially to your face, hands, and feet.

dry skinThe cold air outside, the central heat in your home, increasing winds and less humidity are leading to dry skin, an itchy scalp, and cracked feet and hands.

While these conditions are uncomfortable, having dry skin also affects your self-esteem. If you don’t think you look your best, you’re not going to feel your best.

So, if you want to take care of your skin and keep it more healthy and comfortable during this winter season, try these 5 simple tips.

1. Dress for the weather.

When heading into the great outdoors, dress for the weather with a hat, scarf, and gloves to avoid windburn and prolonged exposure to cold air.

2. Moisturize frequently.

During the winter season your skin need better protection – aka a heavier moisturizer. The type you choose depends largely on your skin type.

If you have dry or combination skin, pick a moisturizer that’s oil-based rather than water-based, which is what many use in the summer. Thicker, greasier night creams are usually oil based so they can work their magic all night long.

If you have oily skin, your skin may actually relish the loss of moisture in the air, and you might not need to make any transition until winter fully arrives.

However, if it starts to feel tight or itchy or looks as if it’s drying out, it’s time for the big guns. Either way, natural moisturizers work best. Olive oil and coconut oil are saviors, though shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E oil also work well.

3. Stay Hydrated.

dry skinNot drinking enough water can be a reason for dry skin during the winter. You need to keep drinking water also when the temperatures dip.

Try to develop a daily routine. For example, at work try to drink a full eight glasses by the time you go home.

Once you’re in a good groove, try to extend the routine to the weekends. Keep your skin, your body hydrated.

4. Exercise.

In the winter months, it’s important to keep up your level of exercise.

Your workout routine not only makes you feel great, but it helps remove toxins from your system and gives your skin a healthy glow. The excuses like “it’s so cold outside, I can’t go to the gym” are not valid anymore, because there are plenty of ways to work out at home, so a gym membership isn’t a necessary purchase.

Read more about what happens to your body when you stop exercising here. Or if you are busy with work, here are a few routines you can do just there: Exercise routines for the office

5.  Ban superhot baths.

A long, boiling-hot shower might feel great on a cold winter day, but stick to warm or lukewarm water for 5 minutes or less. Long exposure to hot water can strip moisture from hair and skin.

These are just some of the things you can try to keep your skin healthy during this winter. We believe that if you follow these tips your skin will look great in December just as good as it looks in June.

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