Essential beard care tips


The month of November ended, with that the beard & mustache craze is settling. Many people will decide to go back to a clean shave, but if the beard “grew” on you (pun intended) and are wondering on what’s a proper beard care we have a few tips on how to maintain it properly. 🙂

There are many kinds of beard and mustache styles. We even wrote about some of them in our previous posts:

The state of your facial hair says a lot about you and your state of mind. Imagine, a neatly trimmed mustache can speak volumes about your “don’t mess with me” personality and give you authority. Some stubble and it instantly suggests to people that you are rebellious by nature, while a full-on Gandalf style beard… well, it might give the impression that you are homeless.

Since you’ve decided to keep your beard, it is important that you take control of its shape and length to convey the right message and show your right image.

Trimming a beard with scissorsTake the control back, define some boundaries

First things, first. You mustn’t let the beard overpower you, take the control back. Growing the perfect beard requires as much maintaining and attention and time as wet shaving. Start by defining the basic shape of your beard.

Use a wet razor to define the boundaries and indicate where your beard ends and where your neck begins. For outlining the shape on the face, shave from the ear, to the corner of the lip with a relaxed hand to form a natural line. Don’t make any hard angles, they are not for the face.

Good beard care requires good tools

Stop wasting your time and torturing your beard with an old pair of scissors. Drop the kitchen ones too! It’s time to invest in a good pair of clippers with a trimmer attachment so you can style and shape your beard to the desired length. When choosing your length, remember that anything longer than a half of an inch is usually not suited for work in the office, especially if you work in finance or law. Some modern trimmers even have an angling blade, if you require and want to trim with more precision.

Beard care and grooming tools

Essential upkeep for your beard

When talking about beard care, one of the things you need to remember is that your beard needs as much care as the hair on your head. It needs to be washed regularly with a facial cleanser, just like you would wash your hair with a shampoo. Why use a facial cleanser or even a more specific beard product? The skin on your face and the scalp is different. The hair follicles are also different. Using a hair shampoo on your beard can be very stressing to the beard.

Washing it on a regular basis will help clean all the dirt, excess skin oil and the food that your beard is likely to collect during the day.

Don’t forget the post wash products too, like beard oil and beard wax. When choosing an oil and a wax, always go for the quality and natural products if you want to have a healthy shining beard that will get noticed.

If you are just starting to grow a beard, we have a post on how to overcome some difficulties: Grow a beard the right way!

We hope that this post helped steer you in the right direction to beard care. If you found it informative, give it a like or share 🙂

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